Friday, June 17, 2011

Kid Logic Friday - I Pad 2

Today's kid logic is not the usual.  Today's kid logic led John into talking me into going to the Apple Store at the MALL of all places, so he could purchase an I Pad.  Taking him to the store meant taking everybody; John, Peter, Ben, Amy, David, Sam, and Molly.  It's amazing how many interesting looks you get walking through the mall with so many children.  I love it!  I love it in the sense that I am not ashamed to bring so many children with me-I am so wealthy!  To me, my children are the goodness of the Lord in the flesh.

As far as the I Pad, Peter, Ben, and I pitched in on some of the cost.  We had ulterior motives for pitching in of course.  The boys are wanting to record music and I am hoping to learn how to take, edit, and post video footage.  Hopefully a few posts from now will show footage : )

We also Skyped Seth on the new addition.  That was a treat.


  1. Im glad to here you got one!!! You will like it. Check out my blog on helping people with iPads if you like.

  2. Thanks Ruth, I will definately check this out! Crystal