Sunday, October 30, 2011

While Entering Church

O my God, I am a sinner, and yet I am not a sinner.  Alone and apart from Christ, I am a sinner.  But in my Lord Jesus Christ and with Him, I am no sinner.  I firmly believe that He has destroyed all my sins with His precious blood.  The sign of this is that I am baptized, cleansed by God's word, and declared absolved and freed from all my sins.  In the sacrament of the true body and blood of my Lord Jesus Christ I have received as a sure sign of grace the forgiveness of sins.  This He has won and accomplished for me by the shedding of His blood.  For this I thank him in eternity.  Amen
                                                                                                      Luther's Prayers

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finally, Our Latest Family Picture

O'Briens 2011

So here is our lastest family photo.  We ( I ) never "got it together" enough to get a formal family photo while Seth was here, but a friend of mine was kind enough to come over and take one for us.  And here are other random pictures she took in the slide show below.  I have a new "therapeutic" activity to add to my list; there's gardening, puzzles, sewing & crafts and now playing with Movie Maker.  I am certainly an amateur, but this is addicting and fun. The pictures are not perfect or edited but neither are we : )  Enjoy.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Seth's Smallest Fan

This is one of my favorite pictures!  I seem to have a lot of pictures of Molly and Seth lately.  Molly thinks so highly of Seth and Seth just loves his little sister. By the time Seth is back home Molly will be quite a bit older, so it's fun to capture these two on camera now.

Seth is in Hawaii right now and will be deployed to Afghanistan in May.