Friday, June 24, 2011

Kid Logic Friday -

The first day of summer found us setting up our pool. First was the big decision where to put it; somewhere mom could see everyone if she was in the house. The second step was finding level enough ground for our pool (we still had to buy a few bags of sand to fill the holes).

Our first day of summer was warm! The second day of summer was coooold. Again. Never the less, the second day found an ambitious couple of boys (David and Sam) waking up early at about 7:00 am. (with about 50 degree weather) to take a splash in the pool. Sam, after about 20 minutes in the pool, comes in shivering from head to toe, walks up to brother Ben and says through chattering teeth, " Hey Ben! you should come in the pool the water is SO warm!"

Sam and Molly after enjoying popcicles at the park

Post by Ben O'Brien

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