Sunday, November 21, 2010

Letters from Seth

So we have received couple of letters from Seth.  It was nice to hear from him.  Before he left he said we didn't need to write him and "please don't send any treats" because of stories he has heard about what happens when someone in boot camp gets a package sometimes.   I know things are intense for him not just because he says, but because he asked if we could send him letters. ; )  What he doesn't know yet is that we already have sent him a couple, but it takes about 7 to 10 days for him to get a letter.  We get his letters in  only two days.

Here is the address for Seth:

Recruit O'Brien, Seth A
2nd BN Echo CO, Platoon 2115
38001 Midway Ave
San Diego, CA  92140-2115


  1. Just as a note they do ask that you do not send "treats." Things that are acceptable are things like protein bars and beef jerky.

  2. wow. that is something. I will be praying for him. and you.- lauraO