Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So today Molly and I made oatmeal cookies just for a little treat. I made oatmeal cookies because they are the best  in my opinion, and are better than the usual chocolate chip cookies which are usually the only kind we make.  I don't like making a mess when I bake something, but Molly is the exact opposite! To her, the messier the better.  Instead of rolling them in a ball with our hands or dropping by the spoonful, we used an ice cream scooper to make all the cookie dough balls perfect little circles.

Helper Molly

Sneaking a bite of dough


When they were all done of course Molly wanted hers with,"extra special," milk from the fridge which we both enjoyed, while David and Sam only wanted pretty much plain old raw dough. And that was our little Monday treat.

The finished product

Molly was pooped after all that mess making and cookies and milk eating!

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