Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Fun Tradition

     Once a year comes Thanksgiving dinner, and never without much baking and preparation. And everyone knows baking is never without a mess-at least in our house. So with that in mind we have started a tradition of making aprons to somewhat shield our clothing from the torrents of flying flour and the odd flying mashed potatoes. This year Amy choose our color scheme, mom whipped them out with ease, and we adorned ourselves as a soldier adorns for battle.  Only we aren't off to a battle, but we are at praise and thanksgiving to our God for His abundant goodness and His undeserved mercy towards us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy, Mom, and Molly with their Thanksgiving armor aprons. As always, the picture took about ten minutes to get a good one.

"So what was his name?!"  says Molly as she took a bite of her Thanksgiving turkey.


  1. Very nice aprons. What a great tradition. And your girls are lucky their mom knows how to "whip aprons out with ease"