Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breakfast Time!

Sam making pancakes
 My older children usually make their own breakfast, but lately the younger ones have been wanting to do the same. David and Sam now make eggs (fried or scrambled) just as good as the rest of them!  David's eggs are so good that he can even make them for his dad (who likes them just so). The other morning, Sam offered to make pancakes for everyone. Of course he needs help with which measuring cups to use still, but he knows not to over beat the batter, and when to flip them over, how to add sprinkles, and how to tell when they are done. What's the most fun for me is watching how much fun they have serving each other. It reminds me of something our pastor said recently, "We are most fufilled when we are serving." Amy adds, that he also said in chapel, "It's much better to be a giver than a reciever."

Molly telling Sam she wants "pink" colored pancakes with sprinkles

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