Saturday, May 21, 2011

Turtle Time

Oogway the Red Eared Slider Turtle

One of our family pets is a turtle.  Molly loves to hold him these days.  She does very well with pets and is not one of those squeamish girls who shy away at the sight of  bugs, snakes, and other creatures.

On one of her first times holding the turtle (she must have been just barely two), the turtle bit her finger and wouldn't let go!  When the turtle finally did let go she had a HUGE triangle mark on her finger for the longest time.  I thought she would never want to hold it again, but this wasn't so.  She does bring up the time it bit her just about every time she does hold it though.

The reason Molly is missing her shirt by the way, is because we actually had nice enough weather yesterday  for everyone to play in the sprinkler.  But of course, Molly doesn't like to keep her wet clothes on.  She's only three so she is still allowed.....................................barely   : )

David took the picture of the turtle at the top of the post.  He likes to use my camera as often as he can. His picture came out pretty good!