Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Second Son

John @ 17 yrs.
It's so easy to post about the younger children with all of their funny sayings, personalities, and perspectives of life. I even have posts about the eldest, but not many about the children in between.  John has been on my mind lately - in a good way.  I was thinking how thankful I am to have him home.  Not home as in living in this house, but home as in his right mind, as in upholding the direction that his dad and other Godly men in the church give and in upholding God's Word; as in giving to his younger brothers and sisters by talking with them - not just at them.

John's Baptism 2006
     Anyone that knows John knows he is not necessarily a man of many words.  (Even when he was born I asked the doctor if he was o.k. because he didn't cry-he was very quiet!)  He still doesn't yak like some in our family, he gets to the point in what he wants to say. His middle name, Steven, is fitting because he looks the most like his dad out of all our children.  We call him the "mad scientist" on the piano.  He loves the
challenge of learning the most difficult piano pieces-the "busier" the better.  If he tries anything new, whether it's sports or a new instrument, he makes it look as if he's done it for years.

John playing his favorite instrument

      Most children love to be around John.  He seems to have a way of making the simplest things fun. For example:  Yesterday he came home from work and Molly was so excited to see him.  After saying their greetings John says,  "You want to watch me take my shoes off?!"  And Molly jumps up and down with excitement, "Yaaaaaah!!!!"  She thought this was the greatest event of the day!

John and Molly
   I'm thankful for Godly men and women who help us in the raising of our children and for God's Word which tells us what is normal for children, family, life, etc. 

John teaching a song

".....being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."   Philipians 1:6


  1. This absolutely, positively made my day:) He's a great kid!

  2. Thank you, and I'm glad to hear this made your day :)

  3. A great tribute to a great guy! The shoes off story totally reminds me of an exchange Big Molly and Daren could've had 37 years ago. :) you are blessed with a great bunch of kids!