Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fire Pit Nights

Since spring is here, FINALLY, and the weather is getting a little warm; my family has been starting fires in our fire-pit. We have a lot of scrap wood that comes from just about everywhere - our old chairs, unused two-by-fours, bamboo, etc.  So, Wednesday night, we broke out the marshmallow bags, got some blankets, and enjoyed a fun night around a blazing, orange, incredibly hot campfire! While we were out there, my Mom got some nice pictures of us and the fire, which you can view below :).

Fire Pit CampFire

Peter and David (with a marshmallow face!)

Sam wondering about roasting dandelions

Dad and John taking turns on the guitar

This is David's picture of the stars. A happy sight!

David enjoying one too many.

Molly like her marshmallows too.

Do you like marshmallows? What is your favorite way to eat them? Crispy, raw, gooey? In my opinion, burnt takes the cake (or should I say marshmallow).  If you don't know how you like them, I've just presented to you a lovely excuse to start a fire with your friends and family, along with a few bags of marshmallows, and find out! :)

      - Amy O'Brien