Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Baby Can Read

You know those commercials for teaching your baby to read?  The ad shows 18 month old babies on up to four year olds being taught how to read.  I was telling my kids that I don't quite know what the point is.  Are they smarter and more successful when they are older; more obedient and respectful when they are still young?  Does it really help?  Will I be a better parent if I do this?  How can you teach every one of your babies how to read if you have more than one-seems like someone's bound to get shorted the more babies you have - how would you have time to keep on top of teaching them all?  I couldn't do it.  Maybe I just need to be enlightened.

Today, Steve and I were working on some business details while all of the kids except for Molly were still at school.  We were discussing who knows what, when I realized that I hadn't seen or heard Molly for about ten minutes.  I went to go check on her.  When I found her, she was in the music room, in the rocking chair with her baby and her book, teaching her baby how to read.  She was pointing to different parts of the book saying what the pictures were.  "This is a frog, say frrooogg,"  What a patient teacher diligently teaching her baby to read. Molly will learn how to read just fine, she will grow up faster than I want her to (like her siblings before her), so I think I will just enjoy her as she is right now.

"The best thing in married life, for the sake of which everything ought to be suffered and done, is the fact that God gives children and commands us to bring them up to serve Him.  To do this is the noblest and most precious work on earth, because nothing may be done which pleases God more than saving souls..........."
                                                                                                                              Martin Luther - What Luther Says - 2836

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  1. awww! thank you for this post Crystal! I love it! Just let your baby be a baby! They'll grow up fast enough without added pressure from they're parents to "be amazing" and "gifted". I want to enjoy them now, as they are.