Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Traditional Autumn Hike

Kids Autumn Collection 2010

For years, our family has loved hiking, playing in woods, etc. Anything that has to do with outside and exploring. So for the past ten years, we've had a tradition of taking a hike every autumn. Naturally, we call it our, "autumn hike" .  Well, Sunday found us on our annual autumn hike .  Even though it is December, it is still officially autumn.  Usually our hike is done on Thanksgiving Day (or around that time if the weather is bad).  We collected lots of leaves, pine cones, ferns, and other interesting things. The smaller children are always fascinated by all the many different kinds of rocks.  Afterwards, we get a poster board and Steve and the children glue all our treasures on.

This fun, relaxing time puts a new meaning to the words "take a hike."  : )

Sam, David, & Molly

Molly needs a break!
Sam & David

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