Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kid Logic -

This weeks kid logic includes..........

Molly had hurt her leg when she fell while playing outside.  It took awhile to comfort her and she continued to complain about her injury off and on through out the day.  At some point she discovered mom's candy corn and candy pumpkin stash in her school bag and replied to mom, "I know what will make my leg stop hurting - one of those pumpkin candies!"

David's really wanted another pet again (as if a fish tank and two turtles for pets aren't enough!)  So for his birthday we got him a parakeet.  The bird is already adapting well to our loud family and will even sit on his finger already.  But what took the cake, was when I came home from shopping today. David had Mozart playing fairly loud in the livingroom.  When I asked him why he was listening to that he replied, "Because Mozart makes birdies smarter!"

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