Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ponderings of a Ten Year Old

David, who is 10 now, usually has some interesting questions and comments, like wondering why girls don't have to cut their hair, or wondering if we were going to have a coin or dollar bill with President Obama on it now that he is in office. 

Today's question was, "Why when people say they are going to get married they don't get married for a really long time!  Why don't they get married the next day, or the next week at least?"  His next comment was, "And then when they get married they leave for a long time and we don't even get to see them!"
Conquering the tree!
 David loves stories battles with knights, swords and dragons and he draw pictures of them as often as he gets time to.
David made these out of sticky foam letters. Very creative!

David keeping Mollly warm.
 David is by far the most affectionate of the boys.  He is very tender hearted.
Amy took all of these pictures today.  She's thinking she wants to learn how to take good pictures as well as taking good videos.  I thought these turned out nice.