Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kid Logic for Thursday

John told Molly he would take her to the playground after he was done with his chores.  Molly was so excited. Can you imagine her face? Her excited wide smile, her legs hopping with delight, her eyes wide with the wonder that she, Molly, would soon enjoy the magnificent wonders of the playground! (Trying to imagine a toddler's brain waves)
My interview with Molly:

  "Molly," I held her in my lap, as I talked, "are you going to the playground?"
    "Yes," that excited little yelp, " John said he's going to take me and my Hello Kitty slippers! Are you comin' too?"

    Ben (who is a large 13 year old):  "Will you take me to the playground Molly?"
Molly replies, "No, you're too big; I can't push you on the swings.  But wait, let me see how big you are.
In the end Molly did decide that he was too big. (Smart)

   I, Amy, have been trying to educate my sister in the subject of pumping her legs to get going on the swings. In fact I have been equiping a few other children at the same thing, and the outcome is this: Every time any of those children ever get on the swings they start up their little chant "Out! In! Out! In!" etc. We will see whether they can yet master the technique.

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