Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exceptionally Ordinary Tuesday

Sam's special flowers for mom (He doesn't know about picking the stems too)

      Today was a Homeshool day. For Konos, our history and science, we have Creation Art Projects to do. Everyone has their own section. Someone paints fruit, or trees; birds or bugs. It's amazing how many techniques we can use for one picture. At the end, when everyone in every school family is finished with their projects, we will put them together as a big poster of Creation.
David's Beetle Artwork - it almost looks real!
      While we were all painting, Molly decided to "help" us. Her picture was sweet, but instead dipping her paint brush in the water, she dipped it in Mom's coffee.  We didn't realize this until she was finished with her picture.  
Molly's Picture

 Mom tried to take a picture of Me, Ben and Peter today. In the first one, Ben has a funny face because Peter tickled him just when Mom took the picture.

Ben, Peter & Amy

This one is a little better

Today was really fun, but I can't wait for the night because, I might go edit a video with Mrs. Phares and because the sooner night goes, we'll have another exceptionally ordinary day tomorrow.

                                                                          Amy O.



  1. i love it and i cant believe how grown up everyone is! all our babies are getting so big. amy is getting so beautiful! i hope you can come back for my wedding day so i can play with everyone again!

  2. i really thought the bug was real! i had to stare at it for a while before i could see it as a drawing! good job David!