Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday David!

David turned 10 on October 9.  He is so thankful that he just makes it so easy to give to him.  I took the whole gang shopping with me on Friday to pick out prizes for him.  We ended up getting an easel, acrylic paints, oil pastel and a few other artist items. Ever since he was very small he has been drawing and painting.  His specialties are knights, castles, ships, and dragons.

The easel seems to have brought out the artist in just about everyone.  If  David is not using it he's got people
asking him if they can use it.  What a hit it is!  I'll have to get some pictures of David's creations and post them soon.  Happy Birthday David!

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  1. By the way Grampa O'Brien - we still think David looks a lot like you :)