Friday, June 21, 2013

A Poem For Father's Day

Hi, everyone! This is Amy, and here is a poem I wrote for my dad for Father's Day. I may have written it for him, but this poem includes every father that goes out daily to fight for his family and friends.

By Amy O'Brien

While lying awake, I hear the gong,
The clink, the crash above their song,
The building, the fight still going strong
Brick by brick they lay up the wall.

I rise to see how it goes,
Men rising on ladders to serve their blows
A tool for the wall and sword for their foes,
Striking them down to the depth of below.

To the right, one fighter, I see him trip,
His ankle is caught by the Devil Foe's whip,
But he is saved by his brethren's grip,
He will not let his brother slip.

Still the demons wish to destroy,
The wall about my father's joy,
But I take a tool, I wield a sword,
For me and my house, we will serve The Lord!

And every moment of every day,
The cries of slain demons never sway,
But I can rest without a worry,
I know my father makes a way.

      Happy Father's Day!
My Dad and I

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