Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is It Hot Enough Yet?

Every year about this time I get asked if I will go in the pool and/or why don't I.  My usual response is that it has to be about 90 degrees in order for me to even think about going in.  It takes a lot of heat to make me want to actually get wet to cool off, but really I'm more thinking, "Is the water clean?" 

Today Molly asked me why I wasn't a pool person, and Sam informed me that it is about 90 degrees so I can go in the pool now.

So I made it in the pool for about 30 seconds.  That was enough time for Ben to capture a few pictures with his new iTouch, but not enough time for the younger people to be satisfied that I actually went in the pool :)


  1. Those are some sweet pictures of you and Molly. Good job Ben!

  2. Very nice Crystal! It's good to see you as the subject of some photos! Those boys are getting better at photos!