Wednesday, December 28, 2011

He Who Believes, Has

"He who believes, has"

.........But even as the forgiveness of sins takes away the glory which rested on these especially pious deeds, it opens our eyes, on the other hand, to the light which now falls so much more brilliantly on the everyday doings of our calling which had previously been despised and had sunk to the level of mere drudgery...............When the forgiveness of sins has again given him peace in his calling, it is not because he has let practical wisdom and common sense trim off his idealism, but because he has learned to depend entirely on the grace of God.  The ideal rather has grown, and now sees that of himself he will never be able to span the distance between it and reality.  But as he goes quietly about the duties of his calling, he does so in no spirit of resignation from every attempt to attain the ideal, but in faith that for the grace of God, which is new every morning, nothing is impossible...........
                                                       Our Calling, by Einar Billing

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