Thursday, August 4, 2011

Acceptance of Blessings

O merciful God, what a kind and gracious Father You are, to deal so sincerely and paternally with us poor and judged sinners.  You did release Your most precious possession, Your Son, Jesus Christ, into the jaws of death and the devil.
 You did require that He should descend into the deep and again ascend on high and conquer the captivity which has held us all in slavery.  Through this we are Your dear children, His brothers and sisters, and inheritors of all His eternal, heavenly blessings.  Give us your Holy Spirit so that He may preserve us to the end in faith.
Grant your grace that youth and those unborn, the weak in faith and those not properly instructed, may get and keep a right understanding in the doctrine of becoming fellow citizens with the angels.  So highly privileged are we who believe in Christ.  Amen

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