Monday, September 13, 2010


Tonight I was reminded of the blessing that children are.  Everyone had gone to bed early except for Sam and I.  He and I stayed up to watch a little TV.  While we were sitting on the couch Sam decided I needed a neck rub.  So he rubbed my neck for a short time. Then he got up went to the other room and brought back a sleeping bag, blanket and pillows.  He put the sleeping bag and blankets on me and asked, "Do you need a pillow on your feet?"  He knows me - my feet are usually cold so I end up putting something heavy on them like a pillow.  So after giving me pillows for my feet, back, and head he offers to rub my arms.  This went on for about 20 minutes.  What a perfect way to end the evening - getting to enjoy a special time with Sam.

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  1. I really enjoy my special times with just one of my children. I like to observe how they are different from the other ones. We are blessed! Taylor is enjoying school with Sam and as she said, "I like school mom, because I get to see the O'Briens and Hopes too."