Friday, February 25, 2011

The O'Brien Family Pets a.k.a. Weird, True, and Freaky

Somehow our family seems to get pets with the most interesting personalities.   For instance, a parakeet, who we called Napoleon, would follow the children outside to "play" with them.  If the children were in the back yard, Napoleon would be in the back yard tree.  If they went to the side yard, the bird would hang out on that side of the house.  When they would come in the house he would eventually fly back inside with them, back to his cage.  When dad would come home and start eating dinner, the bird would fly over to him and beg.  He would also partake of dad's beer right from his glass!  (don't worry, he never drank too much.

We also had a cat named Latte.  Latte was similar in the fact that he would follow the kids around outside when they were playing or working.  He came whenever we were all together in the livingroom, as if he was one of the family, and would watch TV with us. We had to get rid of him, a year or two ago, because he was getting to old to move around.

Presently, we have an inherited a cockatiel that used to be our Uncle Dave's. He was a mean little thing, at first, but has now learned to behave, though he enjoys a peck or two at your hand  at rare times. It doesn't really hurt. He seems to like girls more than boys and he craves attention from my Mom. One time, when Mom refused to let him climb up on her, apparently hurt by the rebuff, he turned his back on her whenever she passed! It's as if he was a person. He likes when we talk to him, but you'd never know when he will let you draw near him, or turn his back on you. Sometimes it appeared that he read the newspaper in the bottom of his cage, because he would peer at it for a very long while. It's a wonder that we always end up with the most strange animal friends. Maybe, we inherited this from my Grandpa O'Brien, who has a variety of wild squirrels, peacocks, turkeys, cats, dogs, and raccoons that comes to his back door and eats the corn he sets out for them.

post written by Amy

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Perfect Imperfections

Mom, I am going to brush my teeth.
One of my greatest treasures is to have notes from my children when they are just learning how to read and write.  They write everything how it sounds and just how they hear them.  I have kept many "writings" from my younger children just because of their perfect imperfections.  Sam wrote this while I was busy talking the other night.  He knew it wasn't a good time for him to interrupt, but he wanted to communicate with me about what he was doing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's Kid Logic Comment

Said Molly teary eyed after getting a bonk, "I bonked my head and I started to cry and now my eye is melting, see?!"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Graduation Day!

Steve and I took a short trip to San Diego to watch Seth graduate.  It's amazing when you see 470 young men all marching in uniform.  All of those young men have been, and are being prepared for war. They will be ready to fight and die for their country whether anyone is aware or appreciates it or not.  It reminds me
that Christ died for us, the ungrateful, indifferent, ungodly haters of Him. It also brings to mind that there are things to fight for, like sons, daughters, wives, husbands, neighbors.

We had a hard time finding Seth in the crowd of his platoon because everyone had the same uniforms and haircuts.  After all the marching was done and each platoon settled at attention, Seth ending up being right in front of us! My first thought was, "He's got a gut!"  One of the DI's was telling everyone that we will notice our children have slimmed down now that they are in shape - I should have known Seth would gain weight instead of lose it. I forgot how scrawny he was when he left.
Platoon 2115

Day one:  we spent the afternoon at the base with Seth and let him talk and talk some more.

Seth & Dad

Seth is excited to call home!
Day two: Graduation. The order of the procession was incredible!  The band played, many aspiring speeches were made by men who certainly know how to use words, and then...........dismissal!

Getting ready for the ceremony
On the parade deck!
Graduation of platoon 2115

We have been given so much! We have a rich godly heritage. We have God's word, the communion of the saints, forgiveness of sins, and family and neighbors to give to daily.